Sizzix Standard Crease Pad

Ref: SIZ 655092
Price €11.39
9" x 6 1/4" x 1/10". Compatible with Bigz dies. Compatible with Big Shot machines. Designed for die-cutting Sizzix steel-rule dies containing crease rule for clean, crisp fold...


SKU: SIZ 655092

Sizzix Texture Pad

Ref: SIZ 655120
Price €8.30
5 7/8" x 8 7/8" x 1/8". Compatible with textures and Thinlits dies (when used with SIZ 655121). Compatible with Big Shot machines. Use with the platform included with the Big...


SKU: SIZ 655120

Fabric Lilac Animals

Ref: GU 647268-441
Price €7.97
3 3/10" x 4 3/4". 100% cotton. Wash at 30°C. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not dry in the drying machine. If dry cleaning, use hydrocarbon or perchlorethylene.


SKU: GU 647268-441

Sizzix Glue Gun Accessories

Ref: SIZ 663005
Price €9.92
Includes: - a mat to work with glue on, that allows for its removal when cooled down; - 4 thimbles for finger protection; - tool for spreading the hot glue.


SKU: SIZ 663005

Sizzix Blending Tool w/ Recharge f/ Multi...

Ref: SIZ 662880
Price €9.11
SOLD OUT 1 1/2" x 1". Includes toll and sponge to add to the handle (SIZ 662875), sold separately. For colouring stencils, cardstock, among others. Additional sponges sold...


SKU: SIZ 662880

Set of 4 Sizzix Recharges f/ Blending Tool

Ref: SIZ 662881
Price €5.37
1 1/5". Recharges for SIZ 662880.


SKU: SIZ 662881

Sizzix Cutting Mat

Ref: SIZ 663384
Price €11.39
Double-sided with regenerative surface and precise measurements, that allows for smooth and precise cutting. Big enough (13" x 17") to cut larger materials. With 3 mm thick it...


SKU: SIZ 663384

Sizzix Grey Embossing Pad f/ Sidekick

Ref: SIZ 661768
Price €3.91
5" x 2 3/5" x 1/10". Compatible with textured Impressions. Compatible with Sidekick machines. To use, place the material for cutting and the texture between a cutting pad and...


SKU: SIZ 661768

Sizzix Curved Fine-Tip Tweezers

Ref: SIZ 664140
Price €5.37
For projects that envolve precision and control with detailed dies, shrinking plastic, working with gems and other small items.


SKU: SIZ 664140

Sizzix Heat Tool, Dual Speed

Ref: SIZ 663386
Price €24.88
With 2 settings: - low temperature, to reduce drying time for paints and glues; - high temperature, for embossing powders and shrinking plastic.


SKU: SIZ 663386

Set of 3 Sizzix Magnetic Sheets

Ref: SIZ 662871
Price €5.37
6 1/2" x 4 4/5". For storing Framelits and Thinlits dies.


SKU: SIZ 662871

Set of 6 Substitution Blades f/ Sizzix...

Ref: SIZ 663304
Price €4.56
Substitution blades for SIZ 662875.


SKU: SIZ 663304

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