Sizzix Set of 10 Universal Stencil Converters

Ref: SIZ 664957
Price €4.56
To be used with SIZ 664896. These converters allow for a stencil, no matter the brand, to be able to be used in SIZ 664896.

SKU: SIZ 664957

Sizzix Set of 3 Cutting Pads

Ref: SIZ 666006
Price €12.20
Different size pads: 6" x 8 7/8" | 6" x 6" | 6" x 2 3/4". To be used in Big Shot machines. Work with all dies from Bigz (except L, XL and Plus) up to the thinnest Thinlits.

SKU: SIZ 666006

Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus Adapter A

Ref: SIZ 664865
Price €9.11
9" x 12". To use the thinnest dies (Framelits and Thinlits) in Big Shot Switch Plus. Needs SIZ 664863 and SIZ 664859. For the more delicate dies you will also need SIZ 660470.

SKU: SIZ 664865

Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus Standard Platform

Ref: SIZ 664863
Price €26.35
9" x 12". To use with textured embossing folders and Thinlits dies in Big Shot Switch Plus. Needs SIZ 664859 for textured embossing folders and SIZ 662111 for Thinlits dies.

SKU: SIZ 664863

Sizzix Big Shot Switch Plus Standard...

Ref: SIZ 664859
Price €27.16
9" x 12". To be used with Big Shot Switch Plus. Insert the die and medium between the cutting pads and run it through the machine. A platform (SIZ 664863) or adapter (SIZ...

SKU: SIZ 664859

Sizzix Small Organiser for Thin Dies

Ref: SIZ 664905
Price €23.23
10" x 9" x 3 3/8". For organizing Framelits and Thinlits dies. Ideal to use with SIZ 664893 and SIZ 664901.

SKU: SIZ 664905

Sizzix Set of 3 Envelopes f/ Organising Dies

Ref: SIZ 664901
Price €6.02
8 1/4" x 6 1/2". Ideal for storing Thinlits dies, stamps and textured embossing folders.

SKU: SIZ 664901

Sizzix Set of 3 Magnetic Sheets for Thin Dies

Ref: SIZ 664893
Price €13.66
6 3/4" x 5 3/4". Ideal for storing Thinlits dies or stamps.

SKU: SIZ 664893

Sizzix Set of 2 Plastic Envelopes

Ref: SIZ 659254
Price €6.83
6 1/4" x 9". Ideal for storing Framelits or Thinlits dies, textured embossing folders and stamps.

SKU: SIZ 659254

Sizzix Big Shot Plus Starter Kit

Ref: SIZ 666185
Price €219.51
It's everything you love about Big Shot and more! A4 wide and compatible with most dies from the smallest to biggest, with the exception of Bigz Pro dies. Always check each...


SKU: SIZ 666185

Sizzix Big Shot Starter Kit

Ref: SIZ 666175
Price €145.53
With an A5 opening, this die-cutting and embossing machine is the perfect tool for a multitude of projects! Compatible with most Thinlits, Framelits, Bigz, Bigz L, Bigz XL,...


SKU: SIZ 666175

Sizzix Die Storage Binder Small Black by...

Ref: SIZ 665248
Price €21.79


SKU: SIZ 665248

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