SILHOUETTE CAMEO 4 Cutting Plotter White

Price €215.45
Silhouette CAMEO 4 is the cutting plotter for the modern maker. With a built-in roll feeder and crosscutter, this  machine is the best at cutting viniy, allowing to cut...



CRICUT JOY Replacement Cutting Blade

Ref: CRI 2007929
Price €12.19
You'll be ready for anything with a fresh replacement blade on hand. Cut any material down to size or slice through any materials you already have at home. Designed to resist...

SKU: CRI 2007929

Wavy Blade + QuickSwap Housing CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2006838
Price €42.27
Get a decorative edge in half the time with this wavy blade, in a variety of projects. This specially sculpted stainless steel blade is great for original vinyl decals, iron-on...

SKU: CRI 2006838

Fine Debossing Tip + QuickSwap Housing CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2006835
Price €38.20
Add professional polish and elevated elegance to paper crafts. Unlike embossing folders, which lock you into a specific design, this rolling debossing ball, powered by your...

SKU: CRI 2006835

Basic Perforation Blade Tip + QuickSwap...

Ref: CRI 2007450
Price €42.27
Get smooth tears quickly and effortlessly with precise perforation cuts for a wide variety of projects. To create uniform, finely perforated lines for any design, just snap the...

SKU: CRI 2007450

Scoring Wheel Tip + QuickSwap Housing CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2007446
Price €42.27
Your must-have tool to get extra-deep score lines and a flawless finish on everyday crafting materials such as paper and cardstock. Break creative barriers and make more than...

SKU: CRI 2007446

CRICUT EASYPRESS Mat (20" x 16")

Ref: CRI 2006996
Price €35.76
Protect your surface area and achieve flawless iron-on applications every time with this essential Cricut EasyPress companion. The durable cover provides thermal conductivity...

SKU: CRI 2006996

Basic Engraving Tip CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2007310
Price €21.94
Make a lasting impression with Cricut engraving tip, with your professional-looking results that will last a lifetime. Watch with awe as you write personalized text or...

SKU: CRI 2007310

Knife Blade Replacement Kit CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2003919
Price €15.44
Designed to be used in Cricut Maker cutting plotter, this replacement knife blade cuts through thicker and denser materials like balsa wood, leather, matboard, craft foam,...

SKU: CRI 2003919

Rotary Blade Replacement Kit CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2007445
Price €14.63
A new, sharp blade cuts beautiful designs out of soft fabrics for sewing projects that are quicker and easier than ever. This kit includes a protective changing cap that helps...

SKU: CRI 2007445

Double Scoring Wheel Tip CRICUT

Ref: CRI 2007448
Price €26.01
Easily snap the Cricut Double Scoring Wheel Tip onto the QuickSwap™ Drive Housing to break creative barriers and get extra-deep double score lines. For use on projects from...

SKU: CRI 2007448

CRICUT JOY Cutting Blade + Housing

Ref: CRI 2007927
Price €30.89
You'll be ready for anything with this all-purpose blade and housing on hand. Cut any material down to size or slice through any materials you already have at home. Designed to...

SKU: CRI 2007927

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