Set of 10 Clear Hot Glue Charges

Ref: 39133
Price €1.95
1/4" x 4". Suited for 39114 reference.


SKU: 39133

Set of 7 Clear Hot Glue Charges

Ref: 39138
Price €1.95
2/5"x 4". Suited for 39110 reference.


SKU: 39138

Sizzix Permanent Adhesive Roller

Ref: SIZ 663474
Price €2.11


SKU: SIZ 663474

Sizzix Double Faced Foam Tape

Ref: SIZ 663709
Price €2.11
4 2/5" x 4 2/5" x 1/2". Double-sided roll, that can be easily cut and shaped to fit any make. Warning: this tape in not acid-free and is not recommended for long-term archival...


SKU: SIZ 663709

Sizzix Translucent Adhesive Tape

Ref: SIZ 663473
Price €2.11
2 1/2" x 19,5 ft. With a low tack adhesive, this translucent tape is perfect for securing and positioning dies or masking areas of a project.


SKU: SIZ 663473

Sizzix Adhesive Iron-On Sheet

Ref: SIZ 663009
Price €2.40
39 2/5" x 39 2/5". Place the adhesive sheet on fabric or felt, die-cut with your chosen die and, using the iron at a high temperature and no steam, "press it".


SKU: SIZ 663009

Set of 20 Glue Gun Stick...
  • New

Set of 20 Glue Gun Stick Charges

Ref: SIZ 664821
Price €2.85
Clear glue. 20 sticks, 15 cm long. For use with the Sizzix glue gun (SIZ 662301).

SKU: SIZ 664821

Sizzix Quick Dry Glue

Ref: SIZ 664576
Price €4.80
120 ml. With a fine tip for precise applications.


SKU: SIZ 664576

Blok Glue (Silicone Fluid) 200ml

Price €4.88
Blok – ultra fast and transparent glue. Its high quality is comparable to hot silicon, without risking getting burnt. It glues leather, wood, glass, embellishments, fabric,...



Set of 10 Sizzix Sheets w/ Permanent Adhesive

Ref: SIZ 656802
Price €5.28
6" x 6". Compatible with Big Shot machines.


SKU: SIZ 656802

Sizzix Hot Glue Gun Stand

Ref: SIZ 662302
Price €7.15


SKU: SIZ 662302

Large Hot Glue Gun

Ref: 39110
Price €13.33
Melts glue at 170ºC (high temperature) - uses 2/5" glue recharges - includes 2 4" bars. CEE7 standard outlet.


SKU: 39110

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