Sizzix Heat Tool, Dual Speed

Ref: SIZ 663386
Price €24.23
With 2 settings: - low temperature, to reduce drying time for paints and glues; - high temperature, for embossing powders and shrinking plastic.


SKU: SIZ 663386

Sizzix Translucent Adhesive Tape

Ref: SIZ 663473
Price €3.26
2 1/2" x 19,5 ft. With a low tack adhesive, this translucent tape is perfect for securing and positioning dies or masking areas of a project.


SKU: SIZ 663473

Blok Glue (Silicone Fluid) 200ml

Price €4.88
Blok – ultra fast and transparent glue. Its high quality is comparable to hot silicon, without risking getting burnt. It glues leather, wood, glass, embellishments, fabric,...



Set of 10 Clear Hot Glue Charges

Ref: 39133
Price €2.61
1/4" x 4". Suited for 39114 reference.


SKU: 39133

Sizzix Permanent Adhesive Roller

Ref: SIZ 663474
Price €3.26


SKU: SIZ 663474

Set of 10 Sizzix Sheets w/ Permanent Adhesive

Ref: SIZ 656802
Price €7.32
6" x 6". Compatible with Big Shot machines.


SKU: SIZ 656802

Sizzix Adhesive Iron-On Sheet

Ref: SIZ 663009
Price €4.07
39 2/5" x 39 2/5". Place the adhesive sheet on fabric or felt, die-cut with your chosen die and, using the iron at a high temperature and no steam, "press it".


SKU: SIZ 663009

Large Hot Glue Gun

Ref: 39110
Price €13.33
Melts glue at 170ºC (high temperature) - uses 2/5" glue recharges - includes 2 4" bars. CEE7 standard outlet.


SKU: 39110

Sizzix Double Faced Foam Tape

Ref: SIZ 663709
Price €3.26
4 2/5" x 4 2/5" x 1/2". Double-sided roll, that can be easily cut and shaped to fit any make. Warning: this tape in not acid-free and is not recommended for long-term archival...


SKU: SIZ 663709

Sizzix Quick Dry Glue

Ref: SIZ 664576
Price €7.32
120 ml. With a fine tip for precise applications.


SKU: SIZ 664576

Set of 7 Clear Hot Glue Charges

Ref: 39138
Price €2.61
2/5"x 4". Suited for 39110 reference.


SKU: 39138

Set of 20 Glue Gun Stick Charges

Ref: SIZ 664821
Price €4.07
Clear glue. 20 sticks, 15 cm long. For use with the Sizzix glue gun (SIZ 662301).

SKU: SIZ 664821

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