3D Construction Figurine Lion

Ref: 580506
Price €3.26
18,5 x 7 x 7,3 cm. Assemble yourself 3D light wooden figure. Delivered unassembled.

SKU: 580506

3D Construction Figurine Peacock

Ref: 580501
Price €3.26
10 x 20,5 x 17,5 cm. Assemble yourself 3D light wooden figure. Delivered unassembled.

SKU: 580501

Woven Hearts

Ref: 22659
Price €3.26
5 3/10" x 5". Contains: 1 design in two different colors, red and white, of finished punched heart templates 8 hearts total.

SKU: 22659

DIY Paper Making Kit

Ref: 78659
Price €19.76
Contents: wooden A5 mould frame for paper making, 65g cellulose paper pulp, 4 rags, 5g lavender potpourri. Instructions are included on the packaging.


SKU: 78659

DIY Creative Box - Rainbow

Ref: 54461
Price €20.98
Includes Silk Clay, pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, pre-cut EVA foam shapes, crazy eyes, ice-cream sticks, string, sequins and project suggestions.


SKU: 54461

DIY Creative Super Kit - Birdhouse w/ Hole

Ref: 57967
Price €9.92
5" x 5 7/10" x 6 3/10". Wood. Includes wood cut boards, nails, glue and instructions.


SKU: 57967

Mini House Creative DIY Kit - Kitchen

Ref: 57893
Price €52.36
7 2/5" x 7 1/2" x 6 1/2". Contains: everything you need to assemble and decorate a miniature house, including wood pieces and pegs, small decorative accessories, tableware, 1...


SKU: 57893

Creative DIY Kit - Pirate World

Ref: 98109
Price €24.88
Contains: various colours of clay for making pirate boat and wood treasure chest, strass for making secret treasure and clay with sand for making a desert island.


SKU: 98109

Mega Creative DIY Kit - Mermaids

Ref: 97061
Price €30.74
Contains: various colours of clay, polystyrene ball, mosaic pieces, plastic eyes, cubes, glitter glue, tools, needles, suspension wires and printed background.


SKU: 97061

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