Mini Creative Kit - Puppets

Ref: 977322
Price €2.44
Kit with materials to make puppets out of Silk Clay. Includes 4 colour Silk Clay, crazy eyes, match sticks and instructions.

SKU: 977322

Drawing Paper Roll

Ref: 23559
Price €15.37


SKU: 23559

Mini House Creative DIY Kit - Kitchen

Ref: 57893
Price €41.79
7 2/5" x 7 1/2" x 6 1/2". Contains: everything you need to assemble and decorate a miniature house, including wood pieces and pegs, small decorative accessories, tableware, 1...


SKU: 57893

Super Creative DIY Kit - Paint & Play

Ref: 97067
Price €19.43
Contains: 1 drawing notebook, 1 puzzle, 1 game, markers, various stamps, stamp ink pad and stickers.


SKU: 97067

Creative DIY Kit - Enchanted Unicorn

Ref: 98106
Price €17.89
Contains: various colours of clay for making unicorns, cakes and rainbows, metallic pipe cleaner and glitter stars and EVA foam.


SKU: 98106

Creative DIY Kit - Fairy Enchanted World

Ref: 98108
Price €17.89
Contains: various colours of clay for making fairies, unicorns and mushrooms, glitter glue, small wood disks, EVA foam for making the forest ground, vase making thimbles and a...


SKU: 98108

Creative DIY Kit - Pirate World

Ref: 98109
Price €18.86
Contains: various colours of clay for making pirate boat and wood treasure chest, strass for making secret treasure and clay with sand for making a desert island.


SKU: 98109

Super Creative DIY Kit - Drawing on Fabric

Ref: 97066
Price €19.43
Contains: 1 neck strap, bottle holder, bag, make-up kit, fabric marker, different stamps, stamp ink pads and decal drawings.


SKU: 97066

XL Creative DIY Kit - Modelling

Ref: 98107
Price €29.76
Contains: 10 colours of Foam Clay and 10 colours of Silk Clay, 5 modelling tools, 8 molds, 9 pairs of eyes, various body parts and 5 keychains for assembling.


SKU: 98107

Super Creative DIY Kit - Forest Animals

Ref: 98117
Price €19.76
Contains: 1 polystyrene animal as well as other figurines, 1 balsa wood box, various colours of clay, pipe cleaner and 5 pairs of eyes.


SKU: 98117

Mega Creative DIY Kit - Mermaids

Ref: 97061
Price €23.25
Contains: various colours of clay, polystyrene ball, mosaic pieces, plastic eyes, cubes, glitter glue, tools, needles, suspension wires and printed background.


SKU: 97061

Mega Creative DIY Kit - Aliens

Ref: 97064
Price €23.25
Contains: different types and colours of clay, polystyrene ball, rubber figurines, plastic eyes, pompons, needles, suspension wires and a printed background.


SKU: 97064

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