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Reference SH FABRIC-WASH-AWAY EAN 814792022146

SILHOUETTE Fabric Stabilizer - Wash Away

Fabric usually requires a stabilizer to hold it in place to cut properly. This special backing can be temporarily fused onto a sheet of fabric thus allowing the fabric material to be placed onto a cutting mat so you can cut customized patterns out of your fabric a SILHOUETTE cutting machine.
Wash Away Fabric Stabilizer is pressed onto fabric backing by hand. Then, after the cutting process has been completed, the fabric can be washed in order to dissolve the fabric stabilizer backing, thus leaving you with just the cut-out fabric project. This fabric stabilizer is perfect for appliqués where a permanent backing on your fabric is not desired.
Surface colour: Not available
Size: 12" x 60"
Material format: Roll
Adhesive backing: Hand-pressed
Printable surface: No
Sewable: Yes
To be used with: PORTRAIT, CAMEO and CURIO (requires the Large Base - SH CURIO-BASE-12)


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