Reference TO71098
EAN 8030055710984

Patchwork Kit Lovely Doll


The kit includes fabric, thermal-adhesive paper sheets, drawing moulds and instructions.


1. Place the thermal-adhesive paper over the paper pattern and trace the drawing with a pencil.
2. Cut-out each piece, while leaving a slight margin.
3. Place each cut-out on the backside of the chosen fabric (place the thermal-adhesive sheet's clear side on the fabric) and afterwards iron it. We recommend placing a piece of cloth between the fabric and the iron.
4. Cut each piece of fabric, with precision, along the trace. This time leave no margin.
5. Remove the paper side from the thermal-adhesive paper using a pin.
6. Assemble the drawing in the support, gathering all the pieces as if they were a jigsaw puzzle.

Notes: Do not use a steam iron. We recommend that you place a piece of cloth between the fabric and the iron. Paint the details with fabric ink to beautify the patchwork.



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