Reference SH SILH-PEN-GL-3T-B

SILHOUETTE Glitter Pen Pack

Convert your SILHOUETTE machine into a sketching/drawing tool with Sketch Pens. Use sketch pens to draw elaborate designs onto various material surfaces or to add a hand-drawn look to your projects.
The Glitter Pen Pack provides you with 4 colours that have hints of sparkly glitter in the ink to really make your sketched projects shine.
No tool adapter is required if you are using the Sketch Pens in the SILHOUETTE CAMEO 3 or any of its previous models, the SILHOUETTE PORTRAIT 2 and its previous model, and the SILHOUETTE CURIO.
A tool adapter is required if you are using the pens in the SILHOUETTE CAMEO 4. (Only Sketch Pens with black bodies are compatible with the CAMEO 4 tool adapter)
Pen tip type: Rollerball
Pen tip size: Fine (0,5 mm)
To be used with: PORTRAIT, PORTRAIT 2, CAMEO, CAMEO 2, CAMEO 3, CAMEO 4 (with adapter) and CURIO
Contains: 4 pens with glitter, black, green, aqua and pink


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