Reference SH KIT-PEN2-B

SILHOUETTE Ultimate Sketch Pen Pack


Convert your SILHOUETTE machine into a sketching/drawing tool with Sketch Pens. Use sketch pens to draw elaborate designs onto various material surfaces or to add a hand-drawn look to your projects.
This Ultimate Pen Pack is a great way to jump into the world of sketching with your SILHOUETTE tool. It includes all sketch pen colours offered from SILHOUETTE, so you can get a sample of everything!
No tool adapter is required if you are using the Sketch Pens in the SILHOUETTE CAMEO 3 or any of its previous models, the SILHOUETTE PORTRAIT 2 and its previous model, and the SILHOUETTE CURIO.
A tool adapter is required if you are using the pens in the SILHOUETTE CAMEO 4. (Only Sketch Pens with black bodies are compatible with the CAMEO 4 tool adapter)


Pen tip type: Rollerball
Pen tip size: Fine (0,5 mm)
To be used with: PORTRAIT, PORTRAIT 2, CAMEO, CAMEO 2, CAMEO 3, CAMEO 4 (with adapter) and CURIO
- 24 assorted sketch pens:
- Basics: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black
- Glitter: black, green, aqua, pink
- Metallic: bronze, gold, silver, copper
- Neon: blue, orange, pink, green
- Natural: brown, charcoal, dark brown, white



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