Moving Blade

Ref: FK 4806
Price €15.61
Ergonomic and soft handle. Cuts up to 210 g/m².


SKU: FK 4806

9 1/2" RazorEdge Softgrip Scissors

Ref: FK 2912
Price €17.15
Cutting precision. Very sharp high quality stainless steel blades. Clean cut along the blade. Light, resistent and ergonomic handles.


SKU: FK 2912

Paper Cutter

Ref: FK 1630
Price €2.28
Practical and super sharp cutter with safety feature.


SKU: FK 1630

18 mm Replacement Blades

Ref: FK 1394
Price €1.46
Replacement blades for box cutter FK 1393C.


SKU: FK 1394

Safe Box Cutter w/ 18 mm Blades

Ref: FK 1393C
Price €2.36
Self retracting. Rubber grip streamlines the body for a safer grip. Replacement blades available (FK 1394).


SKU: FK 1393C

Bee Child Scissors

Ref: FK 1379
Price €1.63
5". Fiskars kid scissors with bee shaped handles. Round edges and thick safety edges - 2" blades. For right and left handed.


SKU: FK 1379

Sizzix Die Brush & Foam Pad f/ Wafer-Thin...

Ref: SIZ 660513
Price €6.10
5 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1/4" - 7 1/4" x 4 1/2". The brush serves for removing excesses of paper from wafer-thin dies. The foam serves as surface for the brush.


SKU: SIZ 660513

Set of 3 Sizzix Plastic Envelopes

Ref: SIZ 654452
Price €4.31
7" x 5". For storing or organizing Framelits, Thinlits or Textures or stamps.


SKU: SIZ 654452

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